I think.

I think in 5-10 years we might have machines which think too.

I think there are chances that there will be a breakthrough in the field of AI.

I think I can contribute.

There is something in the AI air. After great promises, great failures, great ideas and great disappointments we are left with ideas, approaches and piles of tried and untried approaches.

There is something in the AI air. A holistic view, a common framework, a unified theory is forming. Neuroscientists and computer programmers seems to discover and value each other.

There is something in the AI air. The existing ideas are considered and new ideas are born. And new results might emerge. I don't know what those results will be, I don't know if it's going to be a revolution or a new dead end or just marginal improvements. I don't know if those who make it happen will be considered visionary, lunatic or just plain wrong.

And I think I can contribute.


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