The future of the search engines

As the technology behind indexing and searching will evolve, we will probably have context-aware semantic searches.

These new technologies will need new ways for searching.

Keyword search is determined by the keyword based indexing of the information.

The new technologies will probably allow (or even require) other means of specifying what I am after.

One thing I can imagine is reading an interesting document, then opening up the search engine in the middle of a paragraph, and commanding the engine to find additional information about what I'm reading. It will get busy extracting the meaning from the sentence/paragraph/chapter, opening up his enormous knowledge base and showing me books, articles, web pages related to the information in my book.

I can imagine zooming in and out in this result set: the more details I want to see, the more focused results I get. Word, sentence, paragraph level results will give a result set which is more and more generic.



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