Horizontal and vertical compression

Recall the Predictor class in the previous post.
What it basically does is it collects histories of input vectors, creates a dictionary out of them and emits the corresponding signal.

If you set the number of inputs to be received to 1, you will get a stream compressor.

Additionally set the maximum length of the history to 1 and you will get a repeater.

If you set the number of inputs to greater than 1 and the history to 1, you will get a strange compressor: you can give him patterns, and it reduces each pattern to a single signal. I call this vertical compression (as opposed to the horizontal compression done by the stream compressor above).

Combine the two (horizontal and vertical) and you get an exciting compressor which compresses streams of patterns.

Someone should do a quick research on what is known about these two-dimensional compressors.


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