Last night I watched my six-year old son sleeping.

Besides the fact that it is aesthetically pleasing to watch a six-year old sleeping (especially if he is your son), it's puzzling.

Why do we sleep? Why do we dream?

And of course I have an idea of mine about this: it's about sorting out the day's happenings.

Sleep probably has a biological/chemical explanation also (which I think has to do with the synaptic links between two neurons: they might get "tired": after a firing the synapse is not that "clear" as before, as some chemicals will not completely clean out, and after a day's full of firing the accuracy/precision of the firing degrades).

I think it goes something like:

On cortical region level, the new patterns learned during the day will integrate with the old patterns, the "dictionary" of the regions are updated (common subpatterns extracted, rarely found patterns discarded (forgot?), common patterns found on a level maybe pushed down to the previous levels (learning?)).

We should devise experiments for these


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