Numenta white paper

Numenta published a white paper a while back.

It describes in a nutshell the hierarchical memory-prediction framework (they call it Hierarchical Temporal Memory) put forth in the On Intelligence book.

It also gives out a lot of interesting implementation details on how learning and prediction works. The hints on using HTMs for different applications are also thought-provoking.

The most intriguing feature, is the use of probability distributions for matching patterns. While it seems reasonable after one considers it, matching patters always tricked me into matching exact patterns.

I will start working on this probability distribution approach as soon as possible. So stay tuned.


Blogger Elite said...

Hi, this is an interesting beginning. You may want to check our and/or join the related project Neocortex. It is a working version of the ideas described in Jeff Hawkins' "On Intellingence".
See http://sourceforge.net/projects/neocortex/ and also http://www.phillylac.org/prediction/index.htm for more details about this project.


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